Thursday, 10 March 2011


"1.Once they send you a message,they expect
you to reply back. If not, they will be angry with you. So, guys, better reply.

2.Girls love boys to notice every details even
the small ones. They think it's the way how boys
appreciate them.

3.Girls are very jealous. Even if you send a
friendly message to another female friends like ''You look hot today",girls will be easily jealous even with that.

4.Girls are very sensitive species.Once they are
angry at you,they expect you to calm her down.

5.Girls sometimes like to flirt with another
boys,therefore they hate it when boys flirt.

6.Girls like to be disturb by boys.

7.Girls are usually more messy than boys are!

8.Girls like it when boys called them "baby".

9.Girls enjoy spending time with their boyfriend
than spending shopping.This shows that a boyfriend
has a really high statue in a girl's heart.Work for it

10.Girls doesnt like too hairy boys. So
remember guys, shave!

11.Most of the girls like chest hair,but
remember some of them don't!

12.Girls start to have their dream dating with
their crush when they are standard 2.

13.Girls prefer bad boys than good boys.But
yet,bad boys is some kind of good boys. I know it's
confusing, but it's true!

14.Girls love it when their boyfriends say that
they got girlfriends to the ladies.

15.Most of the pretty girls go out with ugly
boys,but ugly girls go out with handsome guys. I know it's weird,but it's true!

16.In a relationship, girls like it when their
boyfriends buy something like a ring,bracelet and etc as a item to show their love.It's important!

17.Don't ever ask your girlfriend's weight!

18.If you told your girlfriend that they are fat,
they will stop eating,doing alot of exercises and etc.
They are sensitive species!You don't want your girlfriend to look like a stick,don't you?

19.Girls feel comfortable and not afraid when you
hug them.

20.Always remember!Don't let your girlfriend
hold your hand because they may let it go.Hold your girlfriend's hand to show that you will never let
them go.

21.Most of the girls prefer sex after marriage.
So, don't force them guys!

22.Girls are the most beautiful species, but yet
they are the dangerous species.

23.Girls like it when you say something sweet
to them.

24.Girls like it when you call her to wish her
good night.

25.Girls like boys who doesn't care about her

26.Girls like boyfriends who are man enough to
make his own decision.Girls hate childish boyfriends! For girls,childish mean sissy!

27.When come to fight,girls are like wild cat. It's
cat fight time! Meow!!!

28.Girls mind about their ex boyfriend having
another girlfriend.It's not because the girl still have a feeling for her ex,but she used to be the girl.

29.Girls appreciate boys who does their
homework for them.

30.Girls like clean boys who can clean the
dishes after dinner.

31.Most of the time you may think that the girls
are flirting with another guys, but actually while
they are flirting, they will think about the boy she truly loves.

32.Girls who really in love with their
boyfriends. They will tell them their every problems and not scared to hide it because they believed the word "I will always be there for you no matter what happen".

33.Girls feel guilty if they are over limit in
flirting.They will come clean to their boyfriends if they really love because she doesn't want to lose them.But if she doesn't come clean, you know what's that means.

34.To school students, girls like boys waiting for
them and walk you to the gate even though you
know that you are going to be late.